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We would love to hear what you think of our new website. We welcome your feedback and comments.



Mary Woods      07 46764145

Liz Wood           07 46714454

Mary Carrigan    07 46207808

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13 thoughts on “Contact us”

  1. Sara Bartelen said:

    I would be interested in attending the forum in August in Toowoomba, could you let me know how to sign up for it please? Sara

    • Thanks for your interest Sarah–you really just need to come on the day and pass on information about the forum to any colleagues, friends, family who also might be interested.See you there!

  2. Desert Dweller said:

    Mary E, Mary P and Liz, this site looks amazing! Very impressive and a brilliant recourse. A world away here in the Sinai mental illness has been treated with a night in the local police station. Not even kidding. Thank you all for your time, effort and brilliant work. You are all “Glindas” from the land of OZ. x

  3. Allie Lawson said:

    Hi Mary, I would love to attend the next Forum in Goondiwindi. Have a fantastic trip…thanks for the chat. Allie x

  4. Alex Ellaway said:

    Thankyou so much for the wonderful session that was held in Goondiwindi yesterday evening. As a pre-service teacher, I feel like I have walked away as a far more knowledgeable person on what I can do to help students (and anybody I know) that is going through a difficult time.

    The guest speakers were incredibly informative and I now have a wealth of knowledge thanks to this wonderful opportunity.


  5. Hi all,
    Just wondering if you have further copies of “The Glovebox Guide to Mental Health” booklet. I know it is available online, but we are looking at further copies to distribute at the forthcoming Move Mountains Music Festival in Toowoomba.

  6. Dana Pearce said:

    Hi Ladies- fantastic job on the site! I was just wondering if you have a postal address at all?

  7. carol ross said:

    could we more details re forum at greenvale please?

  8. Leeanne Schmidt said:

    Could you please let me know what evening in May is the Injune forum , thanks Leeanne

    • Injune forum is MAY 5th Leeanne–at Town HALL. Local advertising will be coming out v soon–some flyers are going up to a meeting there Monday (or went up Friday)–I’ll email the flyer to you now, and if you have friends who might be interested, please share it via whatver networks you may have–school newsletter are often good.

  9. Keep up the good work. How do I donate?

    • Thanks for your support Ian…you can donate on the Ozcrowd site— if you scroll down a ways, you’ll see the article on Tie Up the black Dog Committee and you can donate if you click on it….

  10. FANTASTIC! unfortunately SO needed!

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