Three wonderful young Aussie men, Eustie Hill from Mitchell, Sam Chisholm from Napperby Station (NT) and Mick Corcoran from Inverell have undertaken the ride of their lives–from Patagonia to Alaska!!! They decided they wanted to make their ride mean something and help others while they adventured along the way. So they’re fundraising for Tie Up the Black Dog!!! What a wonderful gesture!

The boys have created a blog called WAY OFF TRACK (Google it) and report in on their travels regularly. I will try to post some of their activities, though the internet has nearly defeated me doing everything else I need to do for the past month. Give me strength!!

We wish the boys well in their travels and hope they stay safe and well, with wonderful stories to tell on their return!! Thanks boys!!!


TUBD are proud to host the FIRST performance of this play in Queensland! Also the FIRST live performance in our newly renovated Civic Centre theatre!!

Remembered fondly from performances in BLUE HEELERS and PACKED TO THE RAFTERS, actor John Wood realises the importance of taking the message of resilience and wellbeing to rural communities throughout Australia. Come join us for a great evening!

The event is FREE, sponsored through the federal Government’s Drought Assistance Program.


Savouries from 6:15pm  (Bar available)

Performance begins 7pm

Seating limited. First in, best dressed!

When things go “viral”….

For the three ladies of Tie Up the Black Dog Committee, life has been turned on its head in the past 24 hours! We’re in our mid-60’s and our experience with social media is reasonably limited, less so with crowd funding sites.

But what a joyous result–Edwina, whom I’ve never met, has obviously exercised her enormous passion in SUCH a positive way. And who would ever have dreamt of the tidal wave of support for the work we do???

We thank her for thinking of others, and for being prepared to provide us with the wherewithal to take some positive messages of hope to people in the outback, who are doing it SO tough–we went to Longreach/Winton last winter (2014) with two events and things were SO desolate then….nothing’s changed. We pray that the people of every drought-affected district will stay strong…stick together and support each other.

We sincerely thank each of you who has contributed via the Ozcrowd Tie Up the Black Dog site…….we will honour your donation with some hard work and some good results.

Mary Woods

Tie UP the Black Dog Committee