Welcome to Tie Up The Black Dog

mervhughes 154Premier Mary Woods & Liz Wood A (2)Thank you for your interest in Tie Up the Black Dog and for visiting our website.

We’re a passionate committee of 3 dedicated to raising awareness and providing avenues of support for sufferers of depression and other mental health issues across rural and remote Queensland.

Over the past eight years, we have worked with and have had fantastic support from our local communities and beyond, which has given us the means and encouragement to facilitate a number of events and initiatives across South West Queensland.

Depression and mental illness are issues which affect many Australians, regardless of age, status, gender, occupation or geographic location. In our rural and remote communities, depression and mental illness is a serious issue taking an alarming toll on sufferers as well as their family and friends. Sadly, Australia’s rate of suicide in rural and remote areas is substantially higher than in the country’s urban centres.

So, we’re making it our resolve to team up with like-minded organisations, businesses, personalities and members of our community to take action against “the black dog”; raising awareness about depression and mental illness and supporting those who need our help most.